Rapid Weight Loss – Is It Safe

Rapid Weight Loss – Is It safe when it comes to losing weight, many individuals have the impression that it must happen almost overnight. As a matter of fact, the weight loss plans and fad diet supplements like to tout just how quickly they can shed those unwanted pounds for you. There is absolutely no doubt, excess weight isn’t good for you, but is losing it fast the right option?

The majority of the time, fast weight loss is considered to be a certain amount of weight, usually 10 – 20 pounds, within seven to fourteen days. A large portion of weight loss products and plans favor the twenty pounds in fourteen days option, as most people who claim they want to lose weight say they want to lose at least twenty pounds

. How this magic number came about is uncertain, but if you lose twenty pounds, it will be visually noticeable, and that is the biggest perk to losing weight for most people, looking better. It is just human nature for us to think of our appearance when we should be thinking of the health benefits.

Honestly, it doesn’t make much difference why you decided to lose weight; the important thing is that you do if you are truly overweight. After the initial decision has been made, all that is left is how to accomplish your weight goal. The most successful weight loss plans include regular exercise with healthy eating. A plan such as this will lead to steady weight loss, but it will not be a magic bullet which will make you lose a lot of weight very quickly.

When you chose to improve your health in this manner, your body has time to adjust to the weight loss, and it is also gaining muscle mass, which in turn burns more calories. This is one of the reasons that a diet and exercise program will not make you drop pounds as quickly as some weight loss methods will.

So what are the side effects of losing weight really fast? Well, you may be surprised to find that there are several. One of the ways that rapid weight is achieved is by simply not eating. This is a very bad way to go about weight loss

. During starvation diets, the body will actually break down the muscle tissue in the body to fuel itself. The body loses fat and muscle tissue, which can wreak all kinds of havoc within the body. The body is made to burn the calories in the food it eats; therefore it must have food to survive.

One of the more pronounced side effects of rapid weight loss is the feeling of prolonged hunger. These feelings can cause other symptoms such as irritability, anxiety, and depression. As if this isn’t bad enough, the sex drive can be significantly reduced, or completely gone altogether. Chronic fatigue, seizures, and fainting can also occur. Then there is, of course, the obvious malnutrition which, if severe enough, can cause death.

As you can see, the only real choice for non-surgical weight loss is to go about it in a sensible manner. No amount of weight loss pills or starvation can give you the benefits of changing to healthy eating habits and engaging in regular exercise. Be smart and see your physician before beginning any weight loss plan. He can give you literature and helpful advice while making sure that your body is ready for a healthy weight loss plan.


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