Carpet Before and After Cleaning

Quality Measures of a Carpet Before and After Cleaning

Following quality assurance factors must be evaluated  to check the carpet condition before and after cleaning:

  • Yarn Count

This is the number of yarn required to fill up the given carpet length. More Yarn count will lead to the more finer yarn used in carpet construction. Always keep in a notice this quality measure by consulting professional cleaners before/after cleaning.

  • Carpet Fiber

Nylon is the most commonly used fiber for commercial carpet installations. It has good resistance to fading and color stability as it is passed through a process of solution dying. During this process, color is mixed to the nylon crystals before their processing into individual fibers.

Olefin is the second widely used material for commercial carpeting. They are less crush – resistant and not so hard as compared to nylon. Limit crushing and wear are improved by limiting pile height while enhancing a number of fibers installed per inch. They resist chemicals and stains along with fading from the sun.

  • Face weight

It is expressed as a number of ounces per square yard and it measures the face fiber of the yarn. Face weight is generally higher than 32 ounces per square yard. Remember its evaluation before/after Rug Cleaning.

  • Density

It is related to the calculation of the pile-yarn weight in accordance with that of the height of the yarn. A low density numbered carpet will suffer in terms of appearance after washing or dry cleaning. The recommended carpet density from manufacturers is 4000 – 7000. While for heavy traffic areas it should exceed 4800.

  • Backing evaluation

The backing provides stability and strength to your carpet and is the important quality measuring factor to check performance after receiving it from certified cleaners. It provides a moisture barrier to avoid seeping through of fluid spills. A foam-backed carpet is able to be glued to the flooring material directly without using underpads.

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