Prepare For NEET 2020 Without Coaching

Prepare For NEET 2020 Without Coaching


Most of the students take up coachings to prepare for exams but many of us are unable to do so for a variety of reasons. This article takes you through some powerful tips to prepare for NEET, without having to take up any tutorials.

The season of competitive examination has arrived in full swing and aspirants are gearing up for the same. The most common question amongst candidates before starting the preparation is if they should take up coaching or not. Any exam, for that matter, can be cracked with smart study-methodologies and full-proof planning.

Yes, it may seem intimidating initially but it is possible to ace the competitive examinations without having to break the bank for coachings. This article is all about self-study tips and enlightens you with a detailed guide to prepare for exams without coaching classes. Read on.

Since NEET has emerged as the single entrance test to qualify for medical courses in India, the difficulty levels of the exams are bound to rise. Preparation is certainly not going to be easy, it takes discipline, dedication and perseverance. It all begins with getting acquainted with the syllabus and exam pattern for NEET. This should be accompanied by a study planner, which should be followed incessantly.

The preparation strategy should be ultimate and solid, which should be customized with metrics being the strengths and weak points. Work backwards, get to know the exam schedule and plan your course of action accordingly. You must be well aware of the sequence of events and stay updated with the latest news on dates and other snippets, as it will help you in coming up with a better study plan.

As the syllabus is the groundwork for all the preparation, complete all the topics in the scheduled time frame. As it is rightly said, NCERT syllabus from Class 11 and 12 for all sections of NEET should be the holy grail. Do not omit any section, any line. Apart from this, getting a strong comprehension of the exam pattern is vital. Through this, you understand the marking scheme, question pattern, typology of questions, time duration and other important metrics.

Since time is the most important aspect in a competitive exam like NEET, what will give you an edge over other students, is effective time management strategies. This starts with inculcating time factor, right from the preparation strategy. Your time table must consider the following parameters

  • Hours spent at school
  • Time to be spent on new topics
  • Revision time
  • Time allotted for mock tests – atleast one paper to be solved every day
  • Break time
  • Previous years’ papers

Most importantly, solving and practising NEET sample paper and NEET question paper serves as an eye-opener. This will enable students to face any type of question as they already get an idea from solving numerous question papers.

While studying on your own, you end up with many queries and doubts. If you are unable to solve it on your own, take the help of experts, teachers, seniors or you can even seek online assistance.

Hard and smart studying coupled with effective time management and proper utilization of already available resources is the key. Your mantra should be read, revise, practice and repeat. Split the syllabus into small chunks, each chunk should be covered on a daily basis, as per plan.

Make your own notes, highlight important points, get creative with it by making flowcharts, mind maps, convert information into diagrams, use mnemonics, tabulate data.

Set realistic targets and achieve it on a daily basis. Picking the right study material is equally important. Look for online assistance, ask experts to help you select the right books. All in all, stay positive and laser-focussed.

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