How to know whether an online store is Genuine

Online shopping offers various advantages. Some of these advantages include, it is convenient and time-saving. However, it is essential to be cautious while shopping from online stores as it can be challenging to know its legitimacy. Especially when it’s your first time buying from a certain e-commerce store, always question the store’s legitimacy. With the advancements in technology today, there are a variety of online stores. Some specialize in a single niche, others sell mass-produced goods, while others sell various products. One crucial way that can help you know the legitimacy of an online store is checking on a store’s customers feedback. One example of client feedback to an online store is Tory Burch’s customer feedback. Below are tips to help you tell if an online store is legit to avoid any scams.

Read the sites return and exchange policy carefully

The first step should always be to read and understand the online store’s return and exchange policy when buying online. A genuine site should always have clear terms and conditions. Avoid sites that do not entirely have a return or exchange policy. Another red flag to look out for is a policy that seems to have been copied pasted from the internet.

Confirm the contact details of the online store

You can confirm whether or not a site is genuine by checking its contacts details. If you find that the provided details are absent, this is a warning, and you should avoid buying from such a site even when it has an attractive interface. Ask yourself whether the site has an email ID, a phone number, and an address. If these details are absent, avoid the online store. While it’s possible fraudulent persons can reply to the phone and email provided, it’s impossible to escape Google’s street view. Look for any signs of the presence of an office.

Check for the online store’s social media presence

You can spot a fake online store by seeing if they have a strong presence or even a presence on social media such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Confirm that the various social media platforms post are identical or seem to be for the same online store. Look at the number of followers the social media sites has while reading the comments and feedback given. Read also the response of the company to the various customer comments or concerns. If you find too much negative feedback from clients and a lack of reply from the company, those are signs of a fraudulent site.

The sites encryption measures

 A secure site will always have a padlock icon at the address bar. This padlock means that the site is utilizing encrypted communication to secure any information provided by a client. You should also ensure that HTTPS on the address has an ‘s’ and not just HTTP. This also means that the communication existing between your mobile and computer is encrypted and secure. Avoid sites without these proper encryption measures.

Are there too many ads?

Almost every online store will have ads as it is one of the ways to make money online. However, if you find that the ads on a site are more than the content, you need to be cautious. Be careful if you need to pass through various pop-ups and redirects before you reach the store’s specific item. Too many ads should be a red flag.

Check the sites look and feel

This is one of the simplest ways that can help determine if a site is legit or not. Check out how professional the site looks. Are the product images high resolution? Are the products well laid out? And are the product descriptions free of any grammar errors?  Such questions will help you determine the authenticity of an online store. Avoid sites that seem fishy.

Check the google transparency report

Use to know if the site is transparent. By typing the site’s URL here, you will be able to determine whether or not it’s a trustable site. Google may indeed miss some websites and thus don’t use this as the only way to find if the only store’s website is legit but as one of the ways.

Read online review

You can tell the authenticity of an e-commerce site by reading its reviews from past clients. There are a variety of sites offering online reviews. Go through the specific client’s feedback of a site and avoid sites that have multiple negative reviews.

In conclusion, with the increased penetration of the internet and the advancement in technology, online shopping is increasingly becoming popular. However, you should be careful, and this article offers some ways you can use to ensure that you are shopping from legitimate online stores.