Long Should a Rug

How Long Should a Rug Last?

A rug’s propitious lifespan is not a cut and dry number as there are a lot of factors that can affect how long your rug will be commodious. Your room locations in the home, number of family members and all activities that are performed during the whole day by children especially will decide the useful life of rug in a house. But a  can last many years even under tough running conditions such as heavy foot traffic or kids playing over it with different creative games, with proper maintenance after specific regular intervals.

In a moderate household with about 2-5 residents, rug’s pragmatic life could be 3-6 years approximately. The reason is that most Local Rug Cleaning fibers become frayed and old by the time. Debris, dirt, and stains will also have sunk in, turning a pure white rug into something dull and greying. That is why most homeowners replace their rugs every 3-6 years, because of degrading visual quality and discomfort of the old one.

This estimated rug changing duration can go even lower if there are pets and naughty children in the home as they are the stain-causing agents especially animals can tear up and fray the carpet as they walk on with their claws. So, caring is even more attention-seeking duty if you are living with kids and pets.

Years can be added to the average rug useful life with proper ABC Rug Cleaning NYC and some apartment owners even keep their rug for a decade before new rug flooring.

Moreover,  its beneficial life can be enhanced by daily vacuuming high traffic areas like living rooms and hallways. In the end, longevity for a rug can last as long or as little as you want, depending on how you treat it well and keep it clean.

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